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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What areas of speech are targeted? 

The two major areas that are targeted include pronunciation of vowels and consonants and melody of speech, which consists of word and sentence stress as well as speech rate. Some additional areas that may be targeted include grammar, presentation skills, and job interviewing skills.  

2. How soon can an individual expect to see progress? 

Every individual that has received coaching at Sequoia Speech & Language has demonstrated some degree of progress after 10 sessions. Each individual is different and there are a lot of factors that can influence the answer to this question. Some of these factors include attendance, motivation, frequency of sessions, level of self-awareness, frequency of practice outside of sessions, level of speaking upon beginning coaching, and prior knowledge.    


3. How is an individual's progress measured? 

During the pre- and post-assessment, a individual's progress is measured and documented, and then shared with the individual. 


4. For whom is accent coaching appropriate? 

Typically, individuals receiving accent coaching have a strong command of the English language, but are sometimes misunderstood by others due to differences in pronunciation or melody.

5. What is the average frequency and duration of coaching? 

The average coaching frequency is once or twice per week for a duration of one hour each.  Select individuals receive higher coaching frequency/duration and lower frequency/duration, depending on scheduling and skill level. 

6. How do you determine when an individual is ready to stop receiving coaching? 

Since an individual's performance towards their goals is periodically checked, that information is used to determine their progress. An individual is discharged from coaching once all of their goals have been consistently met and generalized across communication partners and settings. However, an individual can decide to stop coaching at any time. 

7. Where are the lessons held? 

The lessons are held online via Zoom.

8. Are TOEFL or IELTS scores needed in order to register? 

No exam scores are needed to register. A pre- and post-assessment will be conducted by Sequoia Speech & Language in order to determine skill levels.


9. What is the best way to contact Emily at Sequoia Speech & Language?Please email Emily at ebruno@sequoiaspeech.com for a quick response regarding any questions your may have.