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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What areas of speech and language do you assess and treat? 

We assess and treat the following areas of speech and language: articulation, phonology, literacy, dyslexia, fluency/stuttering, dysarthria, aphasia, cognition, speechreading, aural rehabilitation, receptive language, expressive language, apraxia, and tongue thrust.  

2. Do you accept insurance reimbursement? 

Unfortunately, we do not; we are an out-of-network provider. However, we can provide you with an invoice for you to submit to your insurance company to be potentially reimbursed directly by them.


3. Do I still need to get an evaluation if a different therapist already completed an evaluation of my speech/language? 

If you have a speech/language evaluation report that was completed within a year prior to the start of therapy with us and you can provide us with a copy, then you do not need to complete another evaluation.

4. What is the average frequency and duration of therapy? 

The average therapy frequency is once per week for a duration of one hour.  Select individuals receive higher therapy frequency/duration and lower frequency/duration, depending on scheduling, skill level, and severity level. 

5. How do you determine when an individual is discharged from therapy? 

Since an individual's performance towards their goals is tracked during each session, there is a constant log of their progress. An individual is discharged from therapy once all of their therapy goals have been consistently met and generalized across communication partners and settings. However, an individual can decide to stop therapy at any time. 

6. Where are the lessons held? 

The lessons are held online via Zoom.

7. What is the best way to contact Emily at Sequoia Speech & Language?Please email Emily at ebruno@sequoiaspeech.com for a quick response regarding any questions your may have.